Requisites of a Valid Complaint:

  1. Complaint shall be in writing, subscribed and sworn to by complainant;
  2. Complaint shall be written in a clear, simple and concise language and in a systematic manner as to apprise the person complained of, of the nature and cause of the accusation and to enable the person complained of to intelligently prepare a defense or answer/comment;
  3. Should there be more than one person complained of, the complainant is required to submit additional copies corresponding to the number of persons complained of;
  4. The complaint shall contain the following:
    • Full name and address of the complainant;
    • Full name and address of the person complained of as well as his/her position and office;
    • A narration of the relevant and material facts which shows the acts or omissions allegedly committed;
    • certified true copies of documentary evidence and affidavits of his/her witness, if any; and
    • certification or statement of non-forum shopping.

Absence of any of the aforementioned requirements may cause the dismissal of the complaint without prejudice to its refiling upon compliance with the same (Section 11 of the 2017 Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service); and,

  1. Please indicate mobile number and e-mail address in the complaint.

(Note: No filing fee for filing of a Complaint.)

Requisites of an Appeal:

  1. Memorandum of Appeal containing the following:
    • Grounds relied upon for the appeal/petition for review;
    • Certified true copies of the assailed decision, resolution or order; and
    • Certified true copies of documents or evidence relevant to the case.

The Memorandum shall be filed with the appellate authority, copy furnished the disciplining authority.  The latter shall submit records of the case, which shall be systematically and chronologically arranged, paged and securely bound to prevent loss, with its comment, within fifteen (15) days from receipt, to the appellate or higher authority.

  1. Proof of Service of a copy of the Memorandum to the Disciplining Office;
  2. Proof of Payment of the required fee (Php 510.00);
  3. A Statement or Certificate of non-forum shopping (Section 68, Section 111 of 2017 RACCS); and,
  4. Please indicate mobile number and e-mail address in the appeal.

Requirements for Correction of Personal Information in the Records of the Commission:

  1. Letter request for Correction of Personal Information in the records of the CSC. Please indicate mobile number and e-mail address in said letter.
  2. Original Certificate of Live Birth duly authenticated by the Local Civil Registrar of the municipality or city where the birth was registered or recorded or the Philippine Statistics Authority, or in its absence, a court order;
  3. Personal Affidavit of Discrepancy; and
  4. Photocopy of documents sought to be corrected.
  5. A filing fee (Php 760.00) shall be paid and a its O.R. no. indicated in the letter request.
  6. When the submitted Certificate of Live Birth is issued on the basis of late registration, original or duly authenticated supporting documents must be submitted, in addition to the requirements enumerated in the immediately preceding section, to warrant the correction or change of information in the records of the Commission, to wit:
    • Baptismal certificate, unless it has been lost or destroyed during a war, fire, natural calamity or any other fortuitous event, in which case, a certification issued by the proper church authority must be submitted. If the requesting party was not issued any baptismal certificate or was not baptized, an affidavit attesting to such fact must be submitted.
    • Other employment, personal or school records which support the entry reflected in the belatedly registered birth certificate and which entry is requested to be reflected in the records of the Commission as the true and correct entry (Sections 105-106 of 2017 RACCS).


  1. Email ( to set an appointment when to file the pleading.
  2. You will receive notice via email or text.
  3. Bring notice and valid ID and follow In Office Transaction Protocol.
  4. Submit the pleading and pay applicable fee, if any, at the Client’s Receiving Area in CSC Regional Office No. 13, Butuan City.
  5. Receive file copy of your pleading/document duly stamped as ‘received’ and official receipt, if applicable.
  6. You will be notified in writing of our action on your filed pleading/document.